Bridgewater Proposes Bill Shock Solution

Bridgewater Systems says that mobile operators can prevent bill shock, comply with proposed European Union (EU) mobile data roaming regulations, and deliver personalized services, using its Policy Controller with Smart Caps solution.
Bill shock occurs when a subscriber inadvertently runs up high mobile data bills while travelling or downloading applications. The EU has proposed new regulations that cap mobile data roaming fees to alleviate bill shock. By as early as 1 March, 2010, subscribers may be able to opt for a maximum personal data roaming limit and be warned when they reach 80% of that limit. If subscribers have not opted for a limit, a set limit would be imposed automatically.
Bridgewater says that mobile operators can comply with proposed EU regulations and deliver personalized services using the Bridgewater Policy Controller with Smart Caps. Smart Caps are precise policy controls that adjust usage levels based on real-time factors such as the subscribers data consumption during a mobile data session, roaming status, and level of network congestion.  
This enables operators to improve satisfaction and reduce churn by proactively notifying subscribers when they are near their data roaming charge or usage limit to prevent bill shock. Operators can also provide real-time choices like service extensions or data usage boosts to drive incremental revenues.
Using the solution, says Bridgewater, operators can also deliver personalized services, including applications on demand, promoting new applications with a day pass or a trial period with no usage limit, multiple flat-rate tiers, and special event based offers.
They can also empower subscribers to set their own policies by providing self-service portals that allow them to set data roaming thresholds and notifications, and implement these changes in real-time.  
As mobile operators are tasked with ensuring tight control of subscriber activity and delivering highly personalized services to each subscriber, a dedicated policy management and control solution is a must, says David Vorhaus, Senior Analyst at  Yankee Group. Not only does this enable compliance with the EU's proposed regulations around roaming limits, but it can spur revenue growth through the introduction of new services, bandwidth boosts, applications on demand and other value-adds.”