Brightcove Brings Cantos Videos to the iPhone

Online video platform Brightcove and Cantos, which specialises in online investor communications, have announced the launch of the Cantos iPhone app, developed using Brightcove’s App Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. The app provides users with high quality, in-depth video interviews with leading CEOs and financial industry commentators that they can watch at their convenience. The app builds on the existing partnership between Brightcove and Cantos to bring online video content and platforms to the business world.

“The Cantos app now allows the viewers of our popular financial news and information to access it on the go, as well as save to their phone and forward to colleagues,” says Cantos CEO, Charlie Cannell. “It also helps expand the reach of our video content to new markets and audiences.”

The app was created in response to research conducted by Cantos that examined the information consumption habits of its audience and found that users were increasingly inclined to watch video content from their mobile device.

Cantos leveraged the Brightcove App SDK for iOS to create an app that lets users watch business videos directly on their iPhone, save and download videos to be watched at a later date, and share video content with third parties via the app’s email function. The app features video interviews with CEOs of leading UK and international companies, daily technical analysis from respected charting experts, and monthly global financial forecasts.

In the future, Cantos plans to use Brightcove’s mobile video solutions to expand its video offerings to new platforms, including BlackBerry and Android. Cantos also plans to introduce new features for its mobile apps, including the ability for users to set preferences and notifications around new content, as well as obtain transcripts of video interviews, all within the app.