Brightcove Launches App Cloud

Cloud content company Brightcove has announced the Brightcove App Cloud, a content platform for building Android and iOS apps. The service has been in beta testing, with over 1,200 people taking part in the trial. 

App Cloud combines an open HTML5 web development model with cloud services to accelerate app development, optimise performance, measure effectiveness, and enable dynamic updates to installed apps, says the company. 

“The App Cloud beta program has been very well received over the past few months, and we have been impressed by the quality, breadth and creativity of the apps developed by our beta users,” says Ashley Streb, VP of technology at Brightcove. “Now, any organisation can take advantage of App Cloud to easily build, deliver, and manage dynamic, custom content apps across multiple devices for a superior end user experience.”

The App Cloud features an SDK, which includes JavaScript APIs for accessing device functions such as the camera, alerts, accelerometer, and location hardware. It also features an open development model for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript coders, as well as tools and code libraries. 

Built-in templates aid the process, while visual creation tools mean non-coders can create apps. The App Cloud can also deploy apps across multiple platforms, creating app store-ready packages, says the company. 

Cloud-based services in the App Cloud include dynamic updates, consumer-end content optimisation, image transcoding tools, and access to content stored in existing web CMS systems. 

The App Cloud also supports real-time analytics, allowing app makers to track app installations, end user sessions, and usage time. 

App Cloud is available in a Free edition and a paid Enterprise Edition. The Free Edition allows a single user to develop and test an unlimited number of apps and is open for free self-service online registration. The Enterprise Edition enables teams of developers to collaboratively develop, deploy and operate live apps in production. 

Enterprise Edition subscriptions start at $15,000 and are discounted with the number of live deployed apps and accounts included. Special pricing is also available for agencies that develop apps for third party clients.

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