Brightroll Opens London Office

Brightroll, which provides online and mobile video advertising services, has opened its first European office in London. Phil Cooper, who recently joined the company as European managing director, will run the European operation from London office.

With 3.3m pre-roll ads in a few weeks since launching UK operations, BrightRoll is already ranked 13th in the UK, according to comScore’s March 2011 Video Metrix numbers. The company says that advertisers will benefit from its pool of premium, brand-safe inventory; sophisticated audience targeting capabilities; auction pricing; real-time reporting and campaign transparency.

The company’s Brightroll Exchange (BRX), a self-service, online video ad-buying platform, in particular, has rapidly gained traction in the US since it was first unveiled in August 2010, with more than $1m of inventory bought in its first month.
BrightRoll launched mobile video advertising in September 2010. The company’s technologys enables advertisers to run mobile and online video ad campaigns through a single buying platform. BrightRoll’s mobile video inventory can be accessed through BrightRoll sales or via the BrightRoll Exchange.

The company says it can easily adapt traditional TV or web video content into
pre-roll ad units for a broad range of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad
and Android devices. Advertisers can now target audiences using a variety of criteria, including type of mobile device, user geo-location, and content category.

All mobile video ad units are delivered in the pre-roll ad format in prominent ad placements within mobile content and applications. In addition, the mobile placements maintain the interactive and measurement capabilities of online pre-roll, including the ability for users to click through to the advertiser’s website, plus detailed reporting on clicks, impressions and average duration viewed.

“The addition of mobile inventory means that campaigns executed across the
BrightRoll network will now have the added benefit of reaching a desirable
audience of engaged and sophisticated consumers while they are on the go,”
said BrightRoll CEO, Tod Sacerdoti, on the launch of the mobile offering. “While we’ll bring the same value to mobile that we bring to online in terms of research, optimization and targeting, the sheer increase in scale that mobile inventory represents will fundamentally improve the results we’re able to deliver to our clients.”