Brilliant Media Launches National Tyres Mobile Search Campaign

Brilliant Media has rolled out a mobile search campaign for National Tyres and Autocare, to launch seven new branches across the country.

Using geo-targeted technology, including Google’s hyperlocal feature, the campaign uses fixed radius location services to drive customers to the new branches via telephone enquiries and in-branch visits. Hyperlocal allows the user to see the business on a map, get the distance to that location and, on certain devices, get directions to that branch.

“National Tyres and Autocare’s brief was to drive customers to the new branches by creating telephone enquiries and branch visits,” says Paul O’Connor, PPC group head at Brilliant Media. “Tyres are a very immediate purchase, with people searching because of a real need, rather than price comparison. It was crucial that our strategy tackled this, and delivered customers within a geographic area of each branch location with detailed information, including distance from each
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