British Gas Launches Mobile Energy App for Young Renters

British Gas has launched a new hip energy brand focused on a rather good-looking iOS and Android app tailored for smartphone-owning renters.

Mobile Energy enables its users to split their bills with housemates and send each person a breakdown of their share, predict future energy costs and submit meter readings to ensure their bills are as accurate as possible. Users can even play at being the gas man with the apps built-in torch – but you will stilll have to have your meter read by the professionals at the necessary intervals.

After signing up with bank and customer details – currently limited to British Gas customers paying by direct debit, although we’ve already run into trouble – the app makes it easy to switch when moving home and quickly get in touch if there’s a problem.

British Gas says the service, which is currently still in beta, is available to any of its customers, not just those who are renting their current property.