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British Red Cross launches campaign to tackle vaccine uncertainty

Tyrone Stewart

The British Red Cross has launched a national campaign to tackle the uncertainty of some people around the COVID-19 vaccines.

The campaign, based on research carried out by the charity, encourages families to have conversations with each other about the vaccine – based on facts rather than the huge amount of misinformation in circulation.

Out-of-home digital advertising, radio ads, digital marketing, and PR will signpost people to a vaccine information hub on the British Red Cross website. This hub features information about vaccination, guidance on how to have conversations with loved ones, and real experiences of people who have already had the vaccine.

The digital out-of-home portion of the campaign will specifically look to stimulate conversations around the vaccine in BAME communities, who have been found to be nearly twice as likely to get information on the vaccine from friends and family. The creative features the voices of people who have been helped through the vaccination process by British Red Cross volunteers. The over 650 sites across the UK have been selected through geotargeting, focusing on areas with high populations of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Black and Afro-Caribbean people.

The ads are also being translated into Urdu, Punjabi, Bangla, and Yoruba in order to further resonate with target audiences.

The Radio portion will go live on 4 March across radio stations including Sunrise Radio, Dilse Radio, Lyca Radio, and Panjab Radio. There will be three ads, each using audio from real conversations of families discussing their vaccine experiences and feelings.

“The British Red Cross is adding its voice to national efforts to address vaccine hesitancy in the UK, which is especially prevalent among some Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities,” said Lewis Iwu, Trustee at the British Red Cross.

“By listening directly to people from BAME backgrounds and commissioning insight into the issue, we believe that kind, informed family conversations are key to addressing vaccine hesitancy within different communities. We have put this insight into action through our outdoor advertising, radio adverts and media activity, to equip people with facts, so that they can have compassionate conversations about the vaccine.

“Our message is: when it comes to family, a key thing to remember is that by taking the vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself but also helping to spare the health of your loved ones. Having informed conversations about the vaccine is a kind thing to do, that saves lives.”