Britons Suffering from Mobile Amnesia

Research from mobile phone-back up service provider ZYB reveals that Britons are suffering from phone number amnesia, with almost three quarters of the population (69%) unable to remember even five numbers stored on their mobile phone.
Mobile phones are involved in 40% of robberies in the UK, with a handset being stolen every 12 seconds (the equivalent of more than 2.5 million per year). Despite this, 59% of UK mobile phone owners have not backed up their mobile phone numbers in any way, either by writing them down, saving them to a computer or storing them online.
The inability to remember numbers or backup personal information means that millions of people have been inconvenienced by losing important information, including the phone numbers of friends, family and colleagues, says ZYB, with the average Brit storing more than 80 numbers in their phones contact list.
One of the problems with living in such a high-tech society is that our brains become lazy, says Health Psychologist, David Moxon. Cognitive functions such as mathematical and memory processing are frequent casualties in the over-reliant world of calculators, computers and mobile phones.
ZYB commissioned the research, which was carried out online by YouGov among 2,353 adults between 27-29 March 2007.
Against this backdrop, ZYB has announced that it is launching its free service, that allows subscribers to securely store their mobile phone data online, in the UK. ZYB also provides an easy way for users to transfer data from one phone to another when they get a new handset.
The majority of us only memorise a small fraction of the numbers we store on our phone, says ZYB Co-founder and CEO, Tommy Ahlers. With this in mind, its no wonder people dread losing their mobile handset more than any other electronic device. ZYB puts an end to this worry.
Anyone can use ZYBs mobile phone backup service. All you need to do to store your mobile data online is to save your contacts to your phone (rather than to your SIM card), sign up on the ZYB website LINK and then follow the simple step-by-step guide. ZYB is free and works on most mobile phones and across all mobile networks in the UK. More information here.