Brits to Spend £38m on Mobile During the World Cup

football£38m will be spent via mobile in the UK during the World Cup if England makes it to the second stage, according to research from If the team make it to the finals, that number is expected to jump to £79m.

The influence of second screening will boost tablets share of mCommerce spending to 44.7 per cent, from a baseline of 39.2 per cent, though the majority (55.3 per cent) will still come from smartphones.

Combined, mobile sales will make up 21.5 per cent of the predicted £38m which will be spent online during the tournament if England make the top 16 (£79m if they make the final), or 2.9 per cent of the total £1.3bn (£2.6bn if they make the final). VoucherCodes estimates that every goal scored by the England team is worth £198.5m for retailers and the leisure industry.

“With 23m fans spending over £174m online by upgrading to the latest TV, buying England memorabilia, or ordering food and drink at home, the retail industry needs to ensure their mobile offering is seamless, ready to deal with this spike in traffic with tailored World Cup deals and discounts,” said VoucherCodes managing director Claire Davenport.