Broadcast Interactive Media Launches Local TV App Tool

US local TV tech provider Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) has launched a customisable iOS and Android app creation tool for news channels across the country.

Both its own clients, as well as those that dont use BIM for website provision, will be able to create apps that include top stories, local news, a news schedule, weather and sports, with content pulled from their website.

Each page of the app includes an ad placement, which BIM will sell a portion of and give a revenue share back to the TV channel, with the remainder free for the station to sell as they wish. BIM eventually hopes to create a mobile network where brands can target mobile users by geography, or across different locations in a single buy.

“Since we already manage the web content for most of our station clients, we can tap into the existing workflow of all text, images and video to build customised mobile apps fast and at a low cost,” said Timur Yarnall, BIM co-founder and CEO. “This will help local TV stations keep and expand audiences for their unique local coverage.”