Broadhop Solution Sails Through Policy Tests

Network intelligence firm BroadHop says it has set a new standard in real-world 3G/4G performance and scalability, after its 5th generation policy management and control solution, Quantum Network Suite, successfully completed an in-depth and independent set of policy tests designed to measure scalability, performance, and real world use required for today’s rapidly-evolving networks.

During the tests, Quantum Network Suite demonstrated support for 20m active sessions from a single 10U server chassis, and also set new benchmarks for transactions per second (TPS) for 3G traffic and IMS/4G data and VoIP traffic.  All testing was conducted and validated by the internationally recognized independent test lab, the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) in collaboration with the HP Performance Lab and Ixia, which provides converged IP network test solutions. 

BroadHop says the results of the tests are significant, because they enable Tier 1 service providers to confidently scale to 100 per cent policy-controlled services for 3G and 4G LTE mobile networks, supporting up to 100m subscribers from a single chassis. They also demonstrate real world policy management, even when delivering IMS/4G VoIP and data traffic, and applying policy and charging rules on a per-subscriber basis. Finally, says BroadHop, high performance and small footprint on COTS and ATCA platforms enable lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in advanced policy-based solutions.

“Next generation mobile operators are moving from bandwidth management only to a richer set of policy-enabled services as part of the evolution to a Policy 2.0 application-focused world,” says BroadHop CEO and president, W. William Diotte. “Policy is now considered  a strategic asset that drives great value in both network and business areas, so it is highly important that a policy platform be capable of scaling and performing to meet the aggressive growth and service goals of evolving and 4G network service providers. The EANTC policy test metrics set an important precedent for industry benchmark analysis and comparison, and we are delighted to have verifiably surpassed all previous known policy benchmark metrics.”