BroadHop Wins Business in India

Data-management solutions company BroadHop has announced that it has secured another Tier 1 deployment in India. 

Quantum Network Suite Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Policy platform will be rolled out on the operators network. 

BroadHops SDM solution offers sign-on services, and a virtualised integrated subscriber data solution. This supports AAA and HSS functionality across multiple networks and legacy subscriber data platforms. The company also supplies mobile data service policy options, and Fixed-Mobile Convergent (FMC) services which unifies service profiles and service experience across mobile and wireline broadband networks.

“Real-time, individualised service selection and monetisation in Tier 1 networks requires a new approach to SDM and Policy solutions,” says Bill Diotte, president and CEO of BroadHop. “This Tier 1 mobile operator needed a highly scalable subscriber data management and policy solution that enabled them to rapidly define and deploy personalised services across extremely large and growing mobile and fixed networks, serving upwards of 100 million subscribers. The Quantum Network Suite is a purpose-built platform that enables our service provider customers to accelerate new service development and deployment – and to scale to meet the needs of the largest fixed and mobile network operators, both today and well into the future.”