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Broadsign and Adform partner for programmatic DOOH offering

David Murphy

Times Square in New YorkDigital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing platform Broadsign and integrated ad tech company Adform have integrated the Broadsign Reach programmatic supply-side platform (SSP) with Adform’s demand-side platform (DSP). The move enables digital ad buyers to use Adform’s targeting and retargeting capabilities to reach audiences online, on mobile and digital-out-of-home channels. The integration gives media buyers access to 50,000 roadside, transit, retail, and place-based digital screens located throughout the world via Adform.

“Momentum for DOOH has built rapidly over the last year, as advertisers look to extend their message effectively across channels and reach consumers with more dynamic creatives,” said Filippo Gramigna, VP global commercial partnerships at Adform. “With consumers increasingly showing a strong preference for highly engaging visuals for the discovery and education phase, DOOH is an ideal platform for video, which is where we currently see the biggest budgets for programmatic spend allocated. Brands are looking at direct access to out-of-home inventory as a key component for their digital omnichannel strategies and we are very excited to support them via this new partnership."

Adam Green, SVP and GM at Broadsign Reach, said that bringing the two platforms together represents a major opportunity to expand programmatic DOOH globally. “It delivers new creative opportunities and impressive audience reach for online and mobile buyers running video and other display campaigns, and puts DOOH in front of digital buyers who might otherwise have to seek it out as a separate purchase,” he said. “Partnering with a global platform such as Adform opens up new doors for Broadsign publishers looking to expand international markets and advertiser reach.”