Brompton launches global brand campaign

Folding bike maker, Brompton, has unveiled its first global brand campaign, ‘ab ra ca dab ra’, which celebrates the transformative freedom created by its engineering.

The campaign was developed in partnership with ScienceMagic, following its appointment as the brand’s lead global strategic and creative agency earlier this year. It will run across out-of-home, connected video-on-demand, social, digital and retail in key growth territories, including the UK, US, Germany and France.

The campaign aims to connect the brand with a global audience of Urban Outsiders – people with an urban mindset living and exploring the city outside. It aims to drive growth and brand awareness, as well as reframing perceptions and breaking down barriers to purchase, and inspiring more people to get on a bike.

It is underpinned by the idea of the transformative freedom created by Brompton’s “magical engineering”, honouring the brand’s founder Andrew Ritchie, whose original brief to himself was to design a “magic carpet” that would make travelling across London easier for all.

Born from this original ambition, ScienceMagic landed on the creative concept of “ab ra ca dab ra” – a celebration of the magical way in which the Brompton bike can solve big and small challenges, but also using the five syllables of the phrase to reflect the five moves of folding and unfolding a Brompton bike.

The campaign makes the product the hero, with a series of motion assets documenting the bike folding and unfolding. Adding a human character to a product steeped in engineering precision, the work showcases the bike unfolding and folding in its full sequence. The typography of ‘ab ra ca dab ra’ animates, matching the style of each bike move to complement the elevated detail of the Brompton.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation will be deployed to ensure that campaign messaging is relevant and resonates through the executions’ placement at locations of major disruption for commuters.

“The magic of this campaign is its rooted in our founder, Andrew Ritchies original idea behind the Brompton; to make a bike that you could fold up and almost put in your pocket, like a magic carpet for the city,” said Shelly Pearce, Global Brand Director at Brompton. “ab ra ca dab ra brings this to life whilst putting our product front and centre but with an added layer of warmth and humanity. Each execution is as beautifully crafted as our bikes.”