BT cuts 12% of the ‘tedious and repetitive’ tasks with AI


BT’s Digital Unit has announced the adoption of AWS’s generative AI tools to enhance product development and automate around 12% of the “tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming” tasks done by software engineers.

The telecoms giant revealed the move is the first in several generative AI tools it aims to introduce for product development across the business.

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As part of the adoption, AWS’s GenAI tool has written over 100,000 lines of code for its software engineers in the first four months of the partnership. According to the company, the code is currently providing 15–20 suggestions of code per user per day, with software engineers accepting these suggestions 37% of the time.

BT Group Chief Data and AI Officer, Deepika Adusumilli, said: “The adoption of generative AI solutions on this scale is not just a major milestone for BT Group, but for industry as a whole.

“It will equip our colleagues for a world of work that is transforming overnight, in turn delivering solutions for our customers quicker than ever before. Implementing coding assistance is step one in a wider enablement move for our digital colleagues in AI-supported product lifecycle management.”

AWS Director for the Telco Industry EMEA, Fabio Cerone, added: “BT Group and AWS share an ambitious vision for how transformative generative AI can be for businesses globally. Our work to implement Amazon CodeWhisperer is a great example of the value, efficiency and support generative AI can offer.

“For BT Group, it helps the engineering community to finish coding tasks faster, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture of how they deliver the very best solutions for the business and their customers.”