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BT Closes in on Acquisition Decision

Tim Maytom

BTBT is reportedly nearing a decision on its acquisition of either O2 or EE as it readies itself to re-enter the UK mobile network operator sector.

According to the Sunday Times, the telecoms giant is expected to name its preferred acquisition early this week, as the two MNOs compete for the rumoured £10bn deal that will be offered.

Many industry experts believe the company will opt to acquire O2, which span off from BT in 2002 and was sold to Telefónica in 2005. However, it may still decide to acquire EE if it believes it's own UK 4G spectrum holdings were a better fit.

EE's joint ownership by Orange and Deutsche Telekom may also dissuade chief executive Gavin Patterson from a takeover big, as the acquisition would require a more complex deal.

Acquiring either of the MNOs would place BT in a position to bundle together land-line, broadband, TV and mobile services in packages for consumers that would make it a powerful player in the growing multi-channel marketing sector.