Buddy Launches Analytics Dashboard

Buddy Platform, a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) provider for mobile app development, has launched an Analytics Dashboard, designed to offer insights into the growing usage of consumer and enterprise mobile apps. The Analytics Dashboard delivers Key Performance Indicators around customer engagement, demographics, social and geo–location, plus commerce and conversion metrics.

“Consumers are spending an incredible amount of time each day in mobile apps and marketers realize this is the medium they should target to reach many of their customers. However, mobile has been a blind spot because advertisers lacked visibility into critical marketing data to maximize these investments,” said Buddy.com CEO and co-founder, David McLauchlan. “Our Analytics Dashboard is the first solution to measure true mobile consumer engagement, creating standardized metrics for buying or selling digital media, and optimizing apps for target customers.”

Buddy.com’s BaaS solution has more than 15,000 global developers and over 16,500 applications on its platform.