WATCH: Budweiser turns songs that mention the brand into targeted ads on Spotify

Budweiser has unveiled ‘UninterruptAds’ in collaboration with Spotify, enabling the Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) brand to transform songs mentioning it into precisely targeted ads on the streaming platform.

The project, based in Brazil, was created by Africa Creative Agency and reinforces the beer brand’s commitment to valuing both fans and artists, enriching the Spotify experience for the public and offering greater visibility to the artists who, indirectly, promoted the brand through the years.

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The effort follows on from the idea that users of Spotify’s free, ad-supported version often experience interruptions in their listening. 

However, by strategically integrating ads into playlists the effort aims to boost brand visibility without disrupting the music flow.

AB InBev Brazil CMO, Daniel Wakswaser, said: “With this strategy, Budweiser shows that, beyond supporting, it is also part of music. The brand authentically inserts itself into the music scene, promoting a deeper connection with fans and artists.”

Spotify Beverage Client Partner, Thais Altschuller, added: “This project used audio format as a form of content, completely innovative in the segment. In addition, we segment the campaign for specific audiences and rhythms, making the ad super organic for users.”