BullGuard Adds Remote Wipe to Mobile Security Suite

Security company BullGuard has launched an antitheft system for mobile phones as part of its new BullGuard Mobile Security suite. The software, which is available for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, gives users the ability to track, lock, and wipe a mobile phone in the event of it being stolen. 

Designed to safeguard personal data, the software allows users to wipe all personal data from the phone via the internet, while tracking technology allows users to see where in the world the phone is. As well as providing useful information to the police in the event of a theft, BullGuard says that the tracking feature also allows users to decide whether their phone has been stolen or simply left at home. 

Phone data can be managed via BullGuard Mobile Security using a web browser in a computer. 

Philip Dall, mobile security expert with BullGuard, says: “It is possible for technically savvy criminals to access a phones original contents by using the device with an alternative provider in a different country. You cannot be sure that reporting the phone stolen is enough to protect the data on it, and so we highly recommend that personal data is remotely destroyed immediately, as soon as you know that the phone is stolen.”

In the event of a theft or a handset upgrade, users can transfer their security subscription to their new phone. A one year subscription for one handset costs £19.95, and can be purchased from www.bullguard.com

BullGuard Mobile Security also boasts anti-malware features which protect against viruses and spyware. 

“We certainly dont want people to refrain from using online banking, visiting password protected websites and keeping up to date on social networks with their mobile phones,” says Dall. “Our aim is to educate users on the dangers and help them to stay protected.”