Bulmers Uses You Are Here to Drive Pub Traffic

Bulmers Cider and useyourlocal.com are using O2 Media’s You Are Here location-based marketing service for a campaign to encourage people to visit their nearest pub that is promoting Heineken UK’s Bulmers range of ciders. Customers will also be invited to visit Bulmers Facebook page and useyourlocal.com to rate and review their experience.

O2 Media will send out a total of 100,000 messages to O2 customers who are over the age of 18 between now and the end of the month, encouraging them to ‘Enjoy a refreshing Bulmers’ and directing them through www.useyourlocal.com to their nearest pub. O2 Media worked in conjunction with Starcom MediaVest to deliver the solution.

O2’s You are Here service pushes messages to targeted, opted-in customers in specific areas. It is handset agnostic, working equally well on smartphones and feature phones.

You are Here uses ‘geo-fences’ which are set up around a particular location, in this case a pub. As soon as a target customer enters the area marked by the geo-fence, they automatically receive an SMS or MMS with the offer.

“Campaigns of this nature vindicate O2 Media’s creative solutions for our clients,” says O2 Media commercial director, Gary Cole. “We worked closely with Bulmers and useyourlocal.com to create a bespoke solution that allows the company to target customers and drive the ‘Use your local’ campaign in a creative way, while also building the Bulmers brand.”