Bundles Essential for Operators, says Tecnotree Whitepaper

83 per cent of mobile operators see bundled services – in which customers can pick and choose content, voice and data, and third-party services – as a “commercial necessity”. Thats one of the findings in the Unravelling the Operator Bundle whitepaper from Tecnotree.

The whitepaper is based on a survey carried out by MobileSQUARED, surveyed 52 operators on their vision for the digital marketplace between now and 2017. The services which operators saw as most critical were video on demand, mPayment services and cloud storage – each named by 50 per cent of those surveyed.

“The operator’s business is evolving at a rapid pace, and as such they must become smarter in their interactions with each customer, to provide them with the services that they really want”, says Timo Laaksonen, chief commercial officer, Tecnotree. “With this research, we wanted to gain an impartial insight into what is currently making operators tick, and to determine what will really be the focus points in the near future. There have been some verifications, some surprises and questions raised – but all of which point to the fact that in the next three to five years we are set to witness the operator’s bundle increase in both size and complexity.”

The Unravelling the Operator Bundle whitepaper can be downloaded in full here.