Buongiorno in Voda Egypt Deployment

Mobile entertainment company Buongiorno has signed a deal with Vodafone Egypt to support the launch of the first mobile advertising program in the region. The program is running with top tier advertisers such as BMW, P&G, Pepsi and Hyundai on multiple channels, including MMS, WAP banners, SMS and Interactive Voice Response.
Buongiornos Marketing Services division is providing Vodafone Egypt with the full solution, including its proprietary Ad Serving Platform, business consultancy, advertising sales support, campaign management and media planning for the participating brands.
Addish Kulkami, MD of Buongiorno Marketing Services UK, the regional division responsible for the deal and the project, says:
At the heart of Buongiornos technology solution for mobile ad management is our B!3A platform, which is currently connected to carriers in over 30 countries, processing over 250 million messages each month and 150 million WAP pages per month.
The B!3A platform consists of a variety of modules, including Ad Server, which provides campaign creation, media planning and forecasting, multichannel delivery of ads, and reporting. Other elements of B!3A in use in the Vodafone Egypt deployment are the Site Manager module to build WAP sites, and the Mobile Marketing module to run SMS and MMS push messaging.
We had been looking for an experienced partner with a proven effective end-to-end solution, says Karim Khalifa, Head of Mobile Advertising at Vodafone Egypt. In this sense, and for our specific market needs, Buongiorno Marketing Services solution was selected as best of breed for multi-channel mobile advertising.
Buongiorno Group, which owns 60% of the digital marketing business in a joint venture with the Japanese trading conglomerate Mitsui, has indicated that it expects the Buongiorno Marketing Services division to grow by up to 30% in revenues for fiscal year 2008.