Buongiorno Unveils peoplesound

Buongiorno has announced the launch of peoplesound, a mobile-centric social network. peoplesound is the final version of the beta phase blinko, and the result of a dialogue with users and bloggers that, the company says, led to a true alternative social network. peoplesound can be accessed via the mobile Internet, and also offers text-based notifications and free text messaging between users.
The network is specifically designed for the mobile phone with a closed network of friends. As such, says Buongiorno, it differentiates itself from the majority of social networks born for the web, where relationships are widely spread among people that barely know each other, and where updates are often retrospective or predictive.
peoplesound is accessible on the mobile at: http://m.peoplesound.com (or m.pplsnd.com), and immediately enables users to send free SMS texts to their 20 favourites. and to follow up to 10 Channels. The Channels are being developed to deliver social networkers with precisely what they are interested in: sharing. For instance, sharing a song just listened to, or gossip and news generated by the peoplesound Channels. The peoplesound Channels provided by Buongiorno offers updates on music and sport, as well as on local and national events. They are a work-in-progress portfolio with relevant updates and content to be implemented over the coming months. Users can contribute by emailing: channel4me@peoplesound.com.
The meaning of peoplesound truly reflects the projects philosophy: a social network characterised by genuine relationships and empathy among people, says Buongiornos Mauro Del Rio at Buongiorno. peoplesound is the result of extensive R&D and related enhancements, made possible thanks to the valuable contributions of the over 300,000 users, during the beta phase of blinko. The aim is to communicate and share our most important moments anywhere at anytime, with the people we really care about.
peoplesound is a free service: users only pay the usual Internet traffic costs related to the operator, according to their tariff plan, as well as the standard network cost for SMS status updates. Buongiorno says it is working with the main mobile operators worldwide, to guarantee users the most convenient tariffs. Users can subscribe via the mobile site, or on a PC at: www.peoplesound.com