Burger King Crows About Chicken Fries with Emoji Keyboard

burger king emojiBurger King has been rolling out its popular Chicken Fries across locations in the US over the past few weeks, and is now celebrating their entry to the fast food franchises’ permanent menu with an emoji keyboard app.

The company has been teasing the return of the item for several months, first introducing the item in limited locations and for a limited time last year. Originally, Chicken Fries were available between 2005 and 2012, and were one of the most popular items on the menu.

Fans of the product have been campaigning for its return since 2012, with Burger King receiving a tweet every 40 seconds regarding the product and motivated consumers even creating a Change.org petition for the fries to return. During their return last year, Burger King saw sales rise 3.6 per cent in a quarter, their biggest sales bump in two years.

Last week, Burger King began the marketing campaign with a stunt involving a live chicken called Gloria supposedly selecting which branches would see the Chicken Fries return once again. However, this week, the brand announced the product would be returning to all locations within the US permanently.

The free emoji keyboard aims to tap into the strong consumer demand and emotional connection with the product, and celebrate its return. It includes animated emojis as well as static ones, both of which can be integrated into standard keyboards on iOS and Android devices.

Burger King is not the first fast food chain to centre a campaign around emojis; Taco Bell has been circulating a petition aimed at getting an official taco emoji added to popular emoticon apps.