Burger King France Sets Light to Rad's Christmas Jumpers

Tyrone Stewart

Burger King Xmas JumperBurger King France has released an interactive Christmas jumper, in partnership with French clothing company Rad, to celebrate the holiday season. The jumper features a pocket that looks like the opening to a fireplace – users can put their smartphone in this pocket, running a flames video to create the illusion of a burning fireplace.

The video’s webpage is responsively designed, meaning that users can only view the fire on their smartphones.

If viewed on desktop, the page are greeted with a message that translates to ‘sorry, the fire is only on mobile. But, since you are here, enjoy watching our film.’ Visitors can then watch an advert for the new jumpers.

The accompanying ‘Pull de Noël’ video is a bit of a cheese-fest however, sounding more like a Chanel No 5 advert for the first 10 seconds. It asks “who’ll get the most stylish Christmas jumper?” and “who’ll be on fire with a sweater with flames in?” (don’t worry, in French, it sounds more like an advert for a sexy new fragrance) before the ad's star (let's call him Noel) receives a phone call from his mother, while his phone is ‘on fire’, just to prove that it is indeed a phone in Noel's front pocket pouch. Riveting stuff.

The connection to Burger King's brand? The fire is “just like the ones that grill our burgers”, of course.

The jumper is available on the Rad website, in blue and green varieties and male and female sizes, at a cost of €29.90 (£25) – which might prove tough to swallow, especially given you're essentially wearing a big woollen ad for Burger King.