Burger King launches McDonalds conquesting campaign in Helsinki

Burger King Finland has launched a cheeky conquesting campaign in Helsinki, to help the fast-food chain deal with the issue that it has less restaurants in the city than its competitor, McDonald’s.

Burger King is running ads outside McDonald’s restaurants in the city, promising customers free delivery if they set their pick-up location as a McDonald’s restaurant. A local food delivery and takeout app Wolt (similar to UberEats) is in with the prank. There’s also an influencer element, with a team of micro-influencers sharing their experiences of the free delivery on social media. The campaign launched on Monday and runs until today.

“Nearly every district in Helsinki has a McDonald’s restaurant,” said Burger King Brand Manager, Kaisa Kasila. “Sadly Burger King is not quite as common. We feel for the whopper-less city dwellers of these regions. We know how it feels like to yearn for the taste of our juicy flame-grilled burgers. But lucky for them, there’s an easy fix.”