BuzzCity Launches Campaign Planner

Mobile social network provider BuzzCity has launched a mobile advertising campaign planner for users of its mobile ad network. The tool allows marketers and brands to plan their mobile ad campaigns, using traffic and demographic data from BuzzCitys network, which includes more than 2,000 mobile Internet publisher sites in 200 countries, along with the companys myGamma mobile social network. 
The tool includes a map which shows the mobile Internet advertising page views available in markets around the world. Darker coloured countries have more inventory, relative to the lighter coloured ones, allowing advertisers to quickly identify where they would like to advertise .When users roll over a country, a pop-up window displays the number of ad impressions available per month and the average cost-per-click recorded for that market. Users can also retrieve information about operators and networks, handsets, and users, including age, gender and location.
Each of the millions of ad impressions served across our network daily tells us a little more about the mobile internet landscape, says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. The data accrued is a trove of valuable insight for advertisers and media planners, and also paints a coherent picture of mobile internet trends – what markets are expanding, who is engaging and the types of handsets they are using to surf.
You can download the BuzzCity campaign planner here.