BuzzCity Reports Mobile Ad Surge

BuzzCity, which provides global wireless communities and consumer services, has released the myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index, which it says demonstrates the popularity of its myGamma mobile social network. BuzzCity also reports a growth in demand for its service in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which the company says will surprise both the global mobile community and digital advertising industries. BuzzCity believes the growth is a result of changes in mobile operator business models,  offering affordable and understandable mobile data packages.
The myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index shows advertising page views in the first quarter of 2008. The top 10 countries are as follows:
1. Indonesia: 654 million (up 13,328% on Q1 2007)
2.  India: 577 million (up 1,522%)
3.  South Africa: 426 million (up 418%)
4.  USA: 132 million (up 917%)
5.  Kenya: 79 million (up 424%)
6.  Romania: 57 million (up 446%)
7.  Bangladesh: 53 million (up 305%)
8.  China: 37 million (up 6,053%)
9.  Brunei: 35 million (up 221%)
10.  Pakistan: 35 million (up 814%)

BuzzCitys myGamma mobile social network service operates on an ad-funded model as the  primary source of revenue. Ads are served on myGamma and on more than 2,000 publisher sites globally. BuzzCity tracks the growth of the network and, by extension, the growth of the mobile Internet in more than 70 countries around the world.
The company recently announced plans for a US office. Traffic in the US has grown more than 900%. BuzzCity expects page views in the US to grow to more than 100 million per month in the next quarter.
In Q1 2007, the myGamma banner network served just over 260 million banners in its top 10 countries. In Q1 2008, the Top 10 countries served more than 2 billion ads, a growth of 800%. The Top 10 also saw some new entrants, with Indonesia, China and Pakistan replacing Thailand, Nigeria & Malaysia.
In Q1 of 2008, we served more than 26 million banner advertisements to Egyptian users, says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. This is a growth of 5,400% against the first quarter of 2007, when we served only 490,000 impressions. During this period, Saudi Arabian traffic grew by nearly 900% to 22 million banners. In both cases, increased mobile penetration and healthy competition among carriers invariably sees more consumer activity on the mobile Internet. We are only going to see more of this, everywhere.