BuzzCity Sees 17 Per Cent Mobile Ad Growth

Global mobile media company BuzzCity has released the results of its Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q3 2010. The data, gathered between July – September, reveals worldwide growth in mobile advertising of 17 per cent.

During the quarter, a total of 54 markets each delivered monthly traffic exceeding 10m impressions per month – an increase from 44 markets in Q2 and 32 markets in Q1.

The top 10 most active countries in Q3 were:

  1. Indonesia: 3.7bn ad banners served
  2. India: 3.7bn
  3. US: 977m
  4. S. Africa: 700.5m
  5. Kenya: 506.1m
  6. Saudi Arabia: 297.3m
  7. Vietnam: 293.2m
  8. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: 255.2m
  9. UK: 239m
  10. Malaysia: 193.6m

“No less than 14 countries have witnessed double digit growth in mobile advertising over the last three months, with three markets, Libya, Korea and Kenya, seeing triple digit growth,” notes BuzzCity CEO, Dr. KF Lai. “India, Turkey, the US, Malaysia, S. Africa and Mexico have seen three straight quarters of double digit growth. The key countries that stand out as showing strong sustainable growth are India, with an average growth of 79 per cent over the last quarter, Turkey (54 per cent) and the US (49 per cent).”

The UK also demonstrated strong growth, with an increase of 25 per cent in Q3, following a strong Q1, when it displayed the second highest growth of all markets surveyed, at 114 per cent.

The Global Mobile Advertising Index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network including over 2,500 publishers across the globe. The findings represent a measure of advertiser demand for mobile internet advertising.

You can access the full report here.