BuzzFeeds live Twitter morning show attracts 1m viewers every day

BuzzFeed AM to DM
Hosts Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald (BuzzFeed News)

BuzzFeed’s daily morning news show on Twitter has reached as many as 1m unique viewers every weekday since its launch on 25 September.

The show, which was begun as part of a content deal that BuzzFeed signed with the microblogging platform back in May, called AM to DM takes an alternative, fun look at the day’s news using Twitter as its source. It airs from 10am to 11am Eastern time, before being repeated at midday Eastern.

BuzzFeed told TechCrunch that on top of the 1m unique daily viewers, its clips have been viewed a total of 10m times. In addition, 78 per cent of its audience is under 35. On day one, AM to DM was trending number one in the US and number four around the world, going to show its popularity at least.

Despite these positive figures, it’s still unclear at this time how many of the show’s 1m daily viewers actually tune in for the entire show and how many just watch for shorter segments.