Buzzoole launches fraud detection tool for influencer marketing

BuzzooleInfluencer marketing platform Buzzoole has developed a technology that can identify fake accounts, fake followers, and fake engagements or interactions on Instagram. The technology makes use of first-party data collected from Instagram Business accounts, supplied by real influencers and creators, to ensure that everything is above board.

When influencers sign up to Buzzoole, they provide access to their social media accounts, blogs, and data such as Google Analytics, and Instagram and Facebook insights. The Buzzoole platform now uses machine learning to analyse reach-to-followers ratio, the reach value of each post, the number of profile views and follower growth, and the number of followers online at any given time.

“If you are using algorithms based on poor or erroneous data, then you are going to get the wrong recommendations and the wrong outcomes,” said Ian Samuel, CCO at Buzzoole. “Plugging into this data means we can perfectly match influencers to briefs, deliver rich analytics on campaign performance and deliver clear guarantees on brands only engaging with the highest quality influencers.”