Bytemobile Launches Widget Bar for Operators

Bytemobile, which specializes in mobile Internet solutions for wireless network operators, has launched the Widget Bar, an optional application of its Web Fidelity Suite software. The application is designed to simplify the mobile browsing experience by providing useful, personally relevant information in real time to users, without extensive search and navigation.
With recent advances in mobile device capabilities, increasingly sophisticated applications and vast amounts of mobile-specific content on the Internet, users are increasingly turning to wireless devices for all their browsing needs, says Bytemobile. The company notes, however, that a recent report indicated that 85% of consumers find their device too difficult to use.
The Widget Bar enables network operators to insert a personalized toolbar on the screen of any mobile device, putting a selection of relevant value-added services such as local news and weather, enhanced search, social networking, and other customized applications at the users fingertips.
The Widget Bar application can be placed on any portal or off-portal web page that is delivered to mobile browsers, allowing operators to maintain a valuable presence in front of their customers at all times. It also provides a direct communication channel to the mobile user, empowering operators to influence where he or she goes, and enabling them to simplify the browsing experience by suggesting useful and relevant content. The software adds further user value through the delivery of external content and applications, which opens the door for operators to engage in profitable partnerships with content providers.
Operators can also differentiate services based on users tariff, age range or other criteria, and can independently control the content and appearance of the Widget Bar, based on each user profile. As a result, says Bytemobile, operators can offer their customers a range of value-added services, with higher-priced plans that provide access to a larger selection of applications, more personalization options and a higher-quality browsing experience.