Bytemobile Upgrades Video Platform

Bytemobile, which provides network capacity solutions for mobile operators, has responded to the explosive demand for mobile video from millions of new 3G and 4G subscribers worldwide with advances in its Unison platform. The company says its Smart Capacity platform will help operators drive millions in revenue growth and cost savings by increasing existing capacity by more than 50 per cent.

Unison 6.0 includes streaming policy control for all major audio and video services – including maintaining rights for Digital Rights Management (DRM) content – for increased network efficiency and enhanced delivery of multimedia. Other improvements include High Definition (HD) optimisation, and video caching, with adaptive optimisation to balance network performance across viral and long-tail video content, resulting in faster download times and bandwidth utilisation improvements.

Bytemobile recently reported that analysis of data trends across its customers’ wireless networks showed that video-based content will grow by 50 per cent in 2011, and will account for more than 60 per cent of network traffic. Personal video communications will dominate wireless network capacity, the company believes, with 10 per cent of subscribers consuming 90 per cent of total network traffic.

Additionally, next-generation smartphones will lead to the consumption of bandwidth-intensive streaming media and HD video content, and subscribers will continue to consume available network capacity, even as operators roll out LTE.
Bytemobile’s Unison platform has been designed from the ground up to process video and web traffic in mobile networks, with reduced complexity and increased efficiency. The company says the platform enables customers to increase available bandwidth to keep up with increased subscriber demand, and the evolution of new bandwidth-intensive devices and applications.

“Smart Capacity management is critical because of the significant bandwidth that mobile video consumes and subscribers’ continued demand for multimedia,” says Chris Koopmans, vice president of product development at Bytemobile. “The Unison platform inspects content, anticipates congestion, and applies corrective actions in real time – resulting in a 50 per cent increase of network capacity, and providing dramatic performance improvements in the delivery of mobile video.”