Cadbury showcases 200 years of history in reworked birthday ad

Cadbury has reworked one of its best-known adverts, Mum’s Birthday, to celebrate its 200th birthday.

The original advert was launched by the FMCG giant in 2018 and featured a young girl buying a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk for her hardworking mum on her birthday, paying for it with novelty trinkets like a plastic ring and unicorn toy- which was kindly accepted by the shopkeeper.

However, the new rework ad focuses on the same story and the three main characters throughout the ages. It begins in the 1824 scene and ends with the 2018 version that aired at the time.

The original advert’s cast and director, Frederic Planchon, return for the rework, which was developed by Girl&Bear and features a set of crowdsourced social and OOH ads.

This content features real photographs submitted by the British public showcasing the different ways that Cadbury chocolates have featured in their lives.

Cadbury Senior Marketing Director Elise Burditt said: “This is a very special moment for us. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to celebrate a 200th anniversary! But for us, this is so much more than that – it’s celebrating 200 years of being part of the lives of the British public and recognising that we wouldn’t be here today without them.

“We want to demonstrate that the values upon which Cadbury was founded in Birmingham 200 years ago still ring true today with people, and with a generous spirit at the heart of everything we do.”

VCCP London Executive Creative Directors Chris Birch and Jonny Parker added: “Crikey. 200 years old. That only happens when you have the relationship with the British public that Cadbury has.

“This work celebrates every Christmas morning Selection Box, every school trouser pocket Curly Wurly, every drippy Flake 99, every Dairy Milk on the sofa and everyone in Britain who’s gleefully munched them down since 1824. Happy Birthday, Cadbury.”

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