Deliveroo is delivering Cadbury Creme Egg dishes to your door this Valentine's

Tyrone Stewart

Cadbury Creme Egg Deliveroo Editions DelivergooCadbury Creme Egg has linked up with Deliveroo to launch a delivery service that offers customers Creme Egg recipes delivered to direct to their doors when they’re in need of a gooey treat.

Created by creative agency Elvis, the service has been dubbed ‘Delivergoo’ and will run through Deliveroo Editions. It will be available across the UK in London, Leeds, Birmingham, and Brighton from the 8 to 14 February between 1pm and 5pm. Customers can pay £6 to get their hands on the recipes that were previously only available at Creme Egg Camp in London’s Shoreditch.

The Creme Egg delivery features two recipes, each made to share between two people. These include the ‘Fire-pit toastie’, which is Creme Egg inside of toasted bread, and the ‘Forest-top fongoo’, which gives customers the chance to dip breadsticks and strawberries into melted Creme Eggs.

“We’re so egg-cited for the launch of Delivergoo – working with Deliveroo Editions in select cities to deliver our deliciously gooey dishes directly to our Cadbury Creme Egg fans for the first time,” said Aislinn Campbell, brand manager for Cadbury Creme Egg. “We can’t wait to hear what Creme Egg lovers in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Brighton think of these camp-fire inspired treats.”

The Creme Egg Camp, open by Cadbury last month, will remain open until the 18 February in Old Street, London.