Cadbury FC expands Club Together initiative, uniting 14 pro football clubs to build a Common Ground for Grenfell Athletic FC

Image credit: Sebastian Barros

Cadbury FC, the brand’s partnership with UK football clubs, is launching a new campaign under its Club Together community initiative, to support Grenfell Athletic FC. The campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency, Elvis, marketing agency, MKTG Sports + Entertainment and Grenfell Athletic FC’s creative agency, Brothers & Sisters.

Reflecting Cadbury’s core values of community, heritage and generosity, the brand launched its Club Together initiative in 2020, harnessing its Club partnerships, to support local communities in their time of need.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to put pressure on grassroots football clubs, Cadbury FC is committed to helping level the playing field, through the next phase of its Club Together community initiative. This will see the brand provide funding, support and resources for the clubs and communities that need them most, so that everyone can continue to access and enjoy the beautiful game.

Cadbury is kicking off the new phase of the programme by pooling the resources of 14 top professional clubs to create a ‘Common Ground’ for Grenfell Athletic FC – a new pitch to act as a home for its Men’s and Women’s teams, where the wider community can come together. The brand is donating much-needed assets to the club, such as grass seed and soil, equipment and expertise from their league club partners. The new pitch will become Grenfell Athletic FC’s new home for the foreseeable future.

Cadbury FC has partnered with some of the nation’s favourite clubs since 2020, helping to change the game for those who need it most. This year, the brand approached its partners to ask them to donate to the cause. For the first time in history, 14 league clubs, including Arsenal, Birmingham City, Celtic, Chelsea, Leeds United, Lincoln City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Notts County, Rangers, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Bromwich Albion have come together for the united benefit of another team, Grenfell Athletic FC.

The Cadbury Foundation is also making a financial contribution to Grenfell Athletic FC to support the development of the pitch.

To mark the moment, Elvis has partnered with Cadbury FC to create the Club Together Pledge, a call-to-arms which aims to cement the ambition of Cadbury FC and its 14 Club Partners to help Grenfell Athletic FC. The document will be signed by each participating club and be featured in the Grenfell Athletic Club House, as a historic piece of memorabilia for the club.   

Elvis has developed a series of campaign assets, including a 45-second launch film, to raise awareness of Cadbury FC and its Club Partners, highlighting the emotive individual stories to drive people to a microsite, where they can read about the Club Together mission, sign up to Cadbury FC for updates and more as well as follow Grenfell Athletic FC’s journey. This is being supported by out-of-home, digital and social activity.

Another film on the launch of the new football pitch at Grenfell Athletic FC, led by Elvis in collaboration with Brothers & Sisters, will go live later this summer, capturing the build of the pitch and a charity launch match, where the Grenfell Athletic FC men’s and women’s teams will compete against each other as well as some club legends and other talent from participating Cadbury FC partners.

“Our Club Together platform aims to make long-term societal change by enabling everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game,” said Chris Parker, Cadbury Sponsorships, Mondel?z International. “The cost-of-living crisis is affecting people’s access to football and the social connection it provides, which is incredibly important for us as a brand. Cadbury, our partner clubs and generous ambassadors are fully committed to using our time, resources and expertise to tackle an issue that is beneficial to our communities. Starting with Grenfell Athletic FC, Cadbury is committed to bringing about change up and down the UK for years to come”.