Cadbury launches Worldwide Hide Easter Egg campaign

Cadbury has launched its Worldwide Hide campaign for the third year running. The campaign invites people to hide digital purple eggs anywhere in the world via Google Street View. The hider can even choose to send a real egg straight to their loved one’s home once the egg has been found.

More than a million eggs were hidden over the course of the last two years’ campaigns. For this year’s campaign, VCCP is creating localised DOOH (Digital Out of Home) creative using anonymised hiding spot data from the Worldwide Hide platform. The bespoke digital ads will appear in nine key cities up and down the country, including Bristol, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow. They will feature real hiding spots used on the platform, each from the city where the ads are displayed. 

For digital and social creative, Cadbury will use the anonymised hiding location data from the Worldwide Hide platform to create interest-based creative that will showcase eggs hidden in a range of spots relevant to interests. For instance, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for gardeners and garden lovers. This new mechanic will reinforce the hiding ritual and aims to inspire more Brits to participate in the annual Easter Egg hide by showing that everybody’s getting in on the action.

A 20-second film has also been created, showing a giant purple egg placed in locations around the world including on the beach, in the forest and in a small village, and will run on TV across the country.

The campaign is running until 9 April on TV, BVOD, Cinema, social, digital and DOOH. It will also run through GoodLoop, where donations will be made to the Trussell Trust every time a user watches the ad through to completion. It’s being supported by a consumer PR campaign run by Ogilvy PR.

“At Cadbury we love to inspire a little more generosity in the world and this Easter the return of the Cadbury Worldwide Hide continues doing just that,” said Laura Gray, Senior Brand Manager for Cadbury Easter. “By asking people to hide an egg anywhere in the world for someone they love we hope to bring people together to share in a special Easter moment.”