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Cadbury's 'Worldwide Hide' virtual Easter egg hunt see over half a million virtual eggs hidden

Gabby Fernie

Cadbury WWH

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Cadbury's Virtual Easter egg hunt - the 'Cadbury Worldwide Hide' - where consumers in the UK or IR could hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world for a loved one to find. 

Hiders could then purchase one of four special edition Cadbury Easter eggs for the seeker to physically receive once they found the egg online or hide a virtual egg for free. 

The campaign was developed alongside communications agency VCCP and spanned across TV, video-on-demand, social, digital, out-of-home, PR, in-store and online. 

The brand has now released the results of the campaign, revealing that the site hit 1.78m visits and that 680,000 eggs were hidden around the world - one of them even leading to a marriage proposal. 

14,500 of the four special edition Cadbury Easter eggs were bought for loved ones, leading to all Worldwide Hide products selling out one week before Easter (Saturday 27 March).

Examples of special locations where the eggs were hidden include in the side streets of Paris, in Ireland by the lighthouse in Ballycotton and in the Philippines.

"We're thrilled with the results from this year's 'Cadbury Worldwide Hide' campaign.” said Marketa Kristlova, Senior Brand Manager, Easter at Cadbury. “With the country still in lockdown, we wanted to connect the nation through the power of giving whilst reimagining the important ritual of an Easter egg hunt in a completely new way. Seeing over 680,000 eggs hidden for loved ones is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this campaign, and more."