California reportedly launches Google antitrust investigation

Tyrone Stewart

California has become the latest US state to launch an antitrust probe into Google, joining a long list of authorities currently investigating the tech giant for various possible infractions.

The state of California was one of only two US states – the other being Alabama – not to take part in a Google antitrust investigation by the other 48 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. That Texas-led probe, launched in September 2019, is focused on Google’s dominance of online advertising and search.

Now, Politico reports that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has launched a separate investigation into Google. However, it is not yet clear what part of Google’s business the state is investigating.

The US Justice Department also has its own ongoing probe into Google’s business, alongside its involvement in the 50 state and territory effort. This investigation, which is looking at whether Google has monopolised the ad tech market, is expected to lead to a lawsuit being filed against the company, and that may come sooner rather than later.