CALM tackles taboo around cost-of-living crisis with social media ads

Suicide prevention charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), has launched a series tackling the stigma around money worries.

In partnership with Great Guns director Calum Macdiarmid and MoneySuperMarket’s ‘Money Talks’ campaign, the charity has released three intimate interviews with a different public figure discussing financial pressures.

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These public figures include journalist and podcaster, Sam Delaney; content creator, podcaster and singer Milena Sanchez; and social housing campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa.

The trio speak candidly on how bottling up money issues has impacted their relationships, whilst offering tips on how to make conversations about financial worries easier.

Director Calum Macdiarmid said: “This has been my third set of films for CALM and I have to say I can’t get enough! I love their message and I also love the way they work, which is super collaborative and open to ideas.”

“An interesting side effect of these chats was that it was an incredibly cathartic and almost meditative experience.”

He added: “Both I and others on the set came away from it feeling quite rejuvenated and de-pressurised on our own personal finance. It’s such a simple yet effective exercise – just hearing people talk about it honestly makes you feel so much better.”