Cameraphone Imaging Software gets an Upgrade

Swedish digital imaging software developer Scalado AB  has unveiled the latest version of its CAPS  imaging software for cameraphones. CAPS v3.3 has been reworked into a Software Development Kit (SDK) for application developers of camera and imaging applications at the camera phone manufacturers.
CAPS makes it possible to capture, edit, browse, and manipulate high-resolution megapixel images efficiently on any mobile cameraphone, giving it all of the speed, performance and functionality that end-users would expect from a high-end, megapixel camera. The new version of CAPS is loaded with several new features that offer enhanced performance, with processing speed increased by more than 40% in some cases, compared to the previous version. While previous versions of CAPS mainly provided an imaging engine, new features and development tools have been added, and the API further developed, hence the upgrade of CAPS to an SDK.
CAPS has been developed and optimised for camera phones that feature multi-megapixel cameras, and offers a CPU- and memory-efficient solution which Scalado says decreases both processing times and the cost of image processing when performing imaging tasks. Images are decoded and encoded using Scalados Image management technology, the main component of which is RAJPEG, a Scalado-patented JPEG codec technology.
RAJPEG reduces the amount of memory required by a factor of 25x, and increases speed for image manipulation by a factor of up to 10x. All operations can be performed in real-time on the phones display until the user is satisfied and wants to save the complete image.
The high level API enables developers to write their own OS-dependent applications, using reference code available with the SDK, making full use of RAJPEG, filters, and other image handling features in CAPS. Also, as CAPS is modular, components can be selected to add value to other critical applications such as instant image scaling in an MMS composer.
CAPS v3.3s five central feature modules enable end-users to create exciting images by using smart photography techniques, such as JPEGSqueeze, which allows images to be truncated into the required byte size whilst retaining optimal quality, and the AutoRama  automatic panorama function. The PhotoArt imaging effects module can help with image enhancements, adding of graphic elements, warp, camera adjustments, and the editing of high-resolution photos stored on the phone. The SpeedView function allows users to instantly view, zoom and pan photos, either in full size, or as thumbnails. Additionally, ClearShot includes image quality enhancements, such as auto levels and backlight fix.
Even with the addition of these enhanced features, Scalado says mobile phone manufacturers can drastically reduce development and device costs, and significantly shorten time to market, by using CAPS.
“With CAPS, manufacturers can create best-in-class imaging applications and bring all the benefits of digital photography to any mobile device equipped with a camera” says Scalado CEO, Mats Jacobson. “Better still, the software enables mobile phone manufacturers to significantly shorten time to market and to offer superior performance and attractive imaging features that will allow them to differentiate their products from their competitors.”
More than 40 mobile handsets on the market today use the CAPS software engine, including devices from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Scalado will be demonstrating CAPS v3.3 at The Smartphone Show  in London on 17-18 October.