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Canada Mountain Holiday partners with OmniVirt to launch 360° VR ad campaign

Alyssa Clementi

Canada Mountain Holidays (CMH), the heli-skiing and heli-hiking company, has partnered with OmniVirt, a VR/AR advertising platform, to launch a 360° VR ad campaign focused on the CMH skiing experience. OmniVirt used 360° VR technology to provide a guided video experience in which audiences can go on a virtual helicopter ride and slide down mountain ranges located at CMH’s Cariboos Lodge.

The virtual reality campaign was created to promote CMH’s tours, specifically during the holiday travel season, with ads being distributed across web and mobile platforms. OmniVirt purposely ran the virtual ads on travel sites, including the New York Times, USAToday, Expedia, and Kayak, to reach CMH’s target audience.

CMH is among wide variety of other travel and tour companies that have adopted virtual content to engage with a wider audience, whether on their operated-and-owned properties or through paid media. Additionally, OmniVirt has produced ad campaigns with Travel Nevada, Go Hawaii, and Visit Pittsburg. According to OmniVirt, the platform's 360° VR ads show a 300 per cent increase in clickthrough rate and 46 per cent increase in video completion rate relative to 2D ads.”