Candy Crush Saga kicks off winter campaign with three promo films

  • Wednesday, September 20th, 2023
  • Author: Tim Green
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The all-conquering puzzle game Candy Crush Saga is set to launch three new immersive films to run across social video platforms over the next 12 months.

The games publisher King teamed up with agency BBH on the content, which aims to dramatise and bring the excitement of the mobile game’s world into the real world, creating a sensory experience.

The first film, ‘Whoosh’, starts with Candy Crush Saga players hanging out on a beach at sunset, before they are propelled into the stratosphere on a column of candy pieces. It is live now and will be followed this week with the second video ad ‘Spin’. The third film ‘Float’ goes live in November.

Luken Aragon, Vice President of Marketing for Candy Crush Saga at King, said: “This campaign really demonstrates how we’re ‘Making the World Playful’ and how we work to deliver those moments of escapism for our players. We loved seeing our candies as never before, closer than ever before, and more fun than ever before, bringing to life the power of play and the sweetness of victory in the most indulgent and immersive way.”

Candy Crush Saga was first released on Facebook in 2012. Today, the original Candy Crush Saga is still the leading game in the series. It generated 45 million downloads in the second quarter of 2023 alone.