Candy Crush Tops 2013 App Download Chart

App store superpowers
App store superpowers – combined Play and App Store data

App Annie has released its full 2013 app index, giving a great level of insight into the global app market last year, and looking at what marketers can expect in 2014.

Spending on apps surpassed the amount spent on games for handheld consoles during last year and the trend doesn’t look set to stop any time soon; Candy Crush from the UKs King gaming company was the most downloaded app in the world last year.

Not surprisingly, given its high adoption across the world, the Google Play store surpassed iOS in terms of downloads during 2013, seeing 15 per cent more in total, but iOS still brings in twice as much revenue.

Japan moved ahead of the US in terms of highest spend on apps, that’s despite having around a third of the population size. The UK is the fourth largest market, after Japan, the US and South Korea. Key app markets in 2014, where fast growth is already happening, include Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico.

Time-restricted social apps, along with video and photo apps, the likes of Vine and Snapchat, were a key trend for 2013. Photo and video apps saw a 55 per cent increase in downloads. Music apps saw a 75 per cent growth in downloads.

See the full report here.