Canela.TV deploys AI-Powered ‘Moods’ to enhance content discovery for its viewers

Canela.TV, one of the first AVOD (Ad-based Video on Demand) streaming services for US Hispanics, has expanded its partnership with Vionlabs, to offer subscribers personalized content discovery based on the emotions each content category evokes.

According to Vionlabs Consumer Mood Research Report, 90 per cent of streamers rely on their streaming services to provide good suggestions and 86 per cent think mood is important.

This is Vionlabs first and only partnership in the US going live with Moods, which is part of Vionlabs Fingerprint+ product. Moods harnesses AI to analyze video metadata to extract all the relevant information needed to determine the emotional impact of content at scale. Leveraging these technologies allows Canela.TV to now automatically generate mood labels, mood time series, and mood values for every asset inside its content library.

“Personalization is key for Canela to be able to deliver an exemplary user experience,” said Isabel Rafferty, CEO and Founder of Canela Media. “Vionlabs has been a tremendous partner, which is why we are expanding to now offer a unique way to categorize content, as well as serve users recommendations based on their interests. Users want and deserve an easy way to find what they are looking for personalized to their content consumption behaviors at a particular moment.”