Canonical Unveils Ubuntu for Tablets

Canonical has unveiled the tablet version of Ubuntu, the Linux-based OS it recently debuted for smartphones.

This version used exactly the same OS and code as the phone, PC and TV interfaces – according to Canonical, its the next step towards a unified cross-platform family of experiences. The interface is apparently designed to scale smoothly across all form factors, and supports screen sizes from 6–20” and resolutions from 100-450 PPI. 

Some of the features this tablet version of Ubuntu is touting include the ability to multi-task by running phone and tablet apps simultaneously on the same screen, a customisable home-screen, secure multi-user accounts, a voice-controlled HUD (Heads Up Display).

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has also revealed that a “very large supplier of silicon to the mobile industry” has committed to optimise Ubuntu on their handsets, TechCrunch reports.