Capital One and Amazon Partner for Voice-controlled Banking

Alex Spencer

Amazon EchoAmazon and Capital One have partnered to bring financial transaction functions to Alexa, the virtual personal assistant behind Amazon's Echo line of smart home devices.

Using voice commands such "Alexa, ask Capital One for my Quicksilver Card balance", Capital One customers will be able to pay their credit card bill, check their current balance, review recent transactions, find out when their next payment is due, and more on an Echo device or Fire TV.

For security purposes, users will be prompted for a four-digit personal key which they pick when first linking their account with Alexa. Giving the correct code will give the user access for five minutes before the device locks them out of the account again. If users find this requirement annoying, they can opt to turn it off, but the key is enabled by default.

Amazon is currently making a real push with its Alexa-powered devices. Earlier this month, the retailer unveiled the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, both of which will support this Capital One functionality.