Captain Morgan launches ‘Why You Whying’ campaign to support alcohol-free rum launch

Captain Morgan has launched its global ‘Why You Whying’ campaign to support the launch of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0.0%. The TV and digital campaign challenges the negative societal pressure of being asked ‘why aren’t you drinking?’ when people choose a non-alcoholic drink. 

The campaign stars content creator, Nick Fraser, who shot to fame in 2015 after his ‘Why You Always Lying’ video went viral, turning him into a popular meme. Drawing inspiration from Fraser’s original content, the new campaign features the star singing new lyrics, using humour to challenge people to stop and think before they ask a friend why they aren’t drinking. 

Taking place at a house party, a guest begins to make himself a drink with Captain Morgan 0.0% but as he begins to pour, a friend turns to him and asks why he’s not drinking. There are sounds of gasping as the viral star pops up in his iconic shirt and asks ‘why?’ before beginning to sing Why You Always Whying to challenge this reaction. 

The campaign was created in response to the common question people get asked if they choose a non-alcoholic drink – ‘Why’? A question with potential to cause awkwardness or make people feel as though they must justify their decision to moderate. The TVC aims to challenge people to stop asking this question and normalise moderation in social settings.  

“For the launch of Captain Morgan’s first alcohol-free offering, we wanted to do something fun to challenge people to stop and think before asking ‘why aren’t you drinking’,” said Captain Morgan Global Brand Director, Samori Gambrah. “We hope this ad will make people laugh and think in equal measure. We want to use the power of our marketing to make responsible drinking a social and cultural norm and partnering with viral sensation Nick Fraser – who exudes creativity, humour and spice – helped deliver an important message in a unique and fun way.” 

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0.0% is the first alcohol free innovation from Captain Morgan, and Diageo’s first alcohol free dark spirit. As an alcohol-free spirit, future campaigns will contribute towards Diageos Spirit of Progress ambition of reaching 1 billion consumers with moderation messages by 2030.