Cardmobili Launches on BlackBerry

CardMobili has launched a BlackBerry version of its smartphone loyalty app. The firm already offers free apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. The apps integrate loyalty and membership cards, coupons and promotional offers.

The BlackBerry app offers a redesigned user interface, and enables users to add new loyalty and membership cards directly via the phone. It also allows the user to define their own set of Favourites, while providing off-line access to all stored cards, with in-app discovery of the latest deals and offers. Via its cloud-based data-handling capabilities, CardMobili offers access to a choice of over 2,000 loyalty and membership cards from around the world.

“The BlackBerry device customer base is an important addition to our global capability, extending our reach to cover an influential market sector,” notes CardMobili CEO, Helena Leite. “We have established partnerships internationally with a huge number of brands and organisations, including retailers, hospitality chains and service providers, as well as with specialist coupon and discount-offer clearing houses. This ensures that we can maximise the usability of our apps, and provide the optimum customer experience.

“Operating conventional loyalty schemes based on physical cards and mailed-out offers is costly and inefficient, and our approach provides brands and consumers with a far more effective route. Our focus is on the all-encompassing integration of loyalty and membership services, combined with coupon and discount handling, while our transaction-processing facilities are moving us steadily towards complete smartphone-based digital wallet functionality.”