Carlsberg Beermats Get Connected with NFC, QR Codes and Bluetooth

CarlsbergCarlsberg is rolling out ‘digital beermats’ which enable users to claim a free beer to 250 pubs and bars in its native Denmark.

Using technology from proximity marketing firm Tamoco, the beermats contain an NFC chip and are also printed with a QR code, which lead to a download page for Carlsbergs Crowdit nightlife app. If the phone already has the Crowdit app installed, the beermat will deeplink directly to the relevant screen in-app.

This is supported with Bluetooth beacons which will be used to push promotions to any nearby devices which are running Crowdit.

“We are always looking for ways we can use technology to enhance the messages we deliver to our customers,” said Martin Majlund, group marketing technologist at Carlsberg. “Using proximity technology allow us to do just that, and gives us the ability to deliver content that is relevant in both its context and timing. Being able to dynamically change the messages through the cloud based on factors such as time of day or day of week gives us a whole new dimension to connect with our customers.”